As an eating disorder clinician, when asked about Ozempic and other GLP-1s by your clients with diabetes or prediabetes... do you feel prepared for these discussions? Or are you lost in a cloud of confusing hype?

This webinar for dietitians (as well as therapists, physicians, diabetes educators, and more!) helps you weed through it all and get down to the facts so you can ethically and confidently collaborate with your patients and clients on this topic from a weight-inclusive and fat positive perspective.

Includes discussions about functions of GLP-1s, side effects, safety, discussing meds with clients, and more.

This masterclass focuses on the use of GLP-1s in diabetes care specifically.

This course includes:

  1. Masterclass replay recording, including Q&A (60+ minutes total)
  2. Slide deck (53 slides!), including two full slides of references
  3. Clinician cheat sheet for you to use as a quick reference.
  4. Client handout that explains how these medications work, pros and cons of GLP-1s, and top things to know about this class of meds, written for the public.

Masterclass Outline

  1. Function of GLP-1 Meds
  2. Available Medications for Diabetes as well as those for weight loss
  3. Clinical Indications
  4. What About Weight?
  5. Side Effects & Helpful Tips
  6. Case Studies
  7. Q&A

Testimonial from Live Masterclass Participant

Testimonial after watching the recording

Testimonial from Live Masterclass Participant

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